Summit for Literacy Update Day 8

Last night on Kilimanjaro!

On Day 8 of their journey, it was already time for our Kili Conquerers to start climbing back down, after an exhilarating trip to the summit yesterday.

After breakfast, rested from a night spent at Crater Camp, some of the climbers took a short hike up to the Ashpit, where fumaroles are evidence of Mount Kilimanjaro’s dormant volcanic state. Then, the team started the descent to Mweka Camp, where they will be spending their last night on the mountain.

Do you want to congratulate the climbers on their achievements? Post your messages to them on our Kili page! You could win a Kili t-shirt and a CODE toque!

BLG lawyers Chris Bredt (left) and Matthew Certosimo at the summit

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014
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