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To impact the most children, we work directly with teachers, building their skills and providing the resources they require to use those skills effectively. CODE strives to constantly improve the quality of our international programs so that we deliver maximum sustained impact on the literacy and learning outcomes of children and youth reached through our projects.


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Students in CODE programs are significantly outperforming control schools

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75% of teachers
who participated in CODE professional development training are CODE certified

Recent Successes

These are but a few examples of how CODE is delivering meaningful impact with your support.



In 2017-2018 alone, 597,998 children and youth benefited from the professional development CODE provided to 6,549 of their teachers and librarians, from the support provided to 1,733 of their schools and libraries, and through the delivery of 101,767 books that allow them to learn literacy skills using locally written and designed books that reflect their own stories and culture.



In Sierra Leone, CODE developed and delivered a nation-wide teacher training program with The Association of Language and Literacy Educators of Sierra Leone that was adopted by the Ministry of Education. Follow-up assessments showed that teachers who received this training outperformed those who did not, with their students scoring higher on reading, writing, and comprehension skills. In 2017-18, 5,505 educators were trained through CODE programs in Sierra Leone.



In Kenya from 2014 - 2018, CODE’s four-year Reading Kenya program, delivered in partnership with the National Book Development Council of Kenya, saw the creation and distribution of 172,133 copies of culturally-relevant and engaging books (written in Swahili, English, and Maa) to students in 70 schools. This has resulted in a powerful evidence-based intervention that has increased the use of mother tongue in schools, empowered a movement for child- centered, gender-sensitive active learning in classrooms, and fostered a dynamic literate environment for Kenyan children and their families.

We will also measure our impact through our:


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