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CODE’s podcast series shares unique perspectives, in-the-field experiences and expert opinions on the global education crisis and CODE’s response. Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and right here on CODE’s website.

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The Role of Community in Education

A conversation with Emily Gogra, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Sierra Leone, about the role our global village plays in supporting children’s access to a quality education.

Promoting Gender Equality in Education

A conversation with Sybil Bailor, CODE’s Country Representative, about the barriers girls face to get an education in Sierra Leone, and how important it is to promote the involvement of women and girls to advance gender equality in education.

Accessing Locally Authored Books

A conversation with Elieshi Lema about book publishing in Tanzania, innovations in publishing that she believes will change how children access books outside of school, and why it’s important for children to have access to locally authored books.

We apologize for sound quality issues in this episode, which was recorded online between Canada and Tanzania. You can find a full transcript for the episode here:

Supporting Better Schools

A conversation with CODE team member Stephanie von Wogau about CODE’s work in Mozambique.

Learning no Matter What

A conversation with Scott Walter, CODE’s Executive Director about resilience and literacy programming during COVID-19

Scholarships for Women in Teaching

A conversation with Dr. Johanna Kuyvenhoven, CODE’s reading specialist and Sierra Leone country lead about the need to support women in teaching

June 2020

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