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We are recognized as a leading Canadian charity and are committed to being financially responsible and transparent. Review our Annual Reports and Financial Statements and learn about those who recognize CODE as a leader in International Development.

Trusted & Accountable

CODE has been named one of Canada Top 10 International Impact Charities of 2021 by Charity Intelligence Canada. This is the second year that CODE has received this honour. Charity Intelligence’s mission is to provide Canadian donors with information that helps them make informed and intelligence iving decisions to have the greatest impact. To this end they undertake high quality, independent research and analysis to provide insights for donors.



Maclean’s included us in their recent listing of “Canada’s best charities 2020: Top 100”. Drawing from data gathered by Charity Intelligence, Maclean’s assessed charities on a variety of financial and transparency metrics.


Logo for 2019 Charity 100

For nine years, MoneySense‘s Charity 100 has been helping Canadians make informed choices about their donations. A charity’s financial efficiency is important, but the results it achieves with donated dollars are even more crucial. MoneySense believes donors have a right to know how their money is being spent and whether it’s truly helping people. CODE was proud to receive an outstanding grade.


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To learn about the CODE Foundation and its leadership, click here.


Thanks to the generosity of a private foundation, your donations are not directed to fundraising costs. As a result, we’re able to allocate 94% of donations toward our programs to promote children’s literacy.

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