Libraries: essential for free thought

One family adopts a library in Ethiopia in memory of mom

There is only one thing more delightful than sharing a book with a child: sharing a whole library! And because of caring people like you, and the amazing support of The Moure Family, thousands of children in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ region of Ethiopia are discovering for the first time the joy of having their own library.

Together with local partners, we create bright, beautiful and cheerful library spaces and furnish them with comfortable seating. We provide training to teacher-librarians on how to manage the library and create book management systems including book registration and borrowing ledgers for pupils, teachers and the community. This cultivates an environment of accountability, responsibility and shared local ownership of the library materials.

And, of course, speaking of materials, we also fill the library with books—local stories by local authors, illustrated by local artists and published right in the local community. Kids are encouraged to take books home on nights and weekends, allowing them to improve their reading skills and share their knowledge with their families.

Thank you again to The Moure Family and all CODE supporters for helping build libraries and reading rooms for kids around the world!

“Education and reading were always important to our mother, to the end of her life. She knew what education had done for her and how it had freed her from the life for which she would otherwise have been destined. As such, it freed us too. We wanted to share with others our Mother’s dedication to education, and our own as well, to reading and to libraries as essential for free thought. Adopting a library through CODE is something we are proud to have done.”

– Erín Moure, who, with her family, adopted a library in memory of their mother, Mary Irene Moure

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Monday, August 31, 2015
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