Windy roads and jagged mountains

Here's to the long road again as we set off for an 11 hour journey to Lalibela on highways that hug the road and give us all breathtaking views of canyons, mountains, quilts of terraced farmland and the never ending stream of walkers on the side of the road carrying bundles. Out Timeless Tour guide knows exactly when to pull over for the best shots and always has an answer to our endless curiosity about his incredible country. It takes seconds for kids to come running through the fields to greet us with huge smiles, waves and giggles. They enchant us. As the road passes through miles of road construction we jump to close the windows in a vain attempt to reduce the dust- which by mid day coats our clothes, hair and mouth.

Knowing that we will be rewarded with a hot shower and fluffy white towels at Tukul Village Hotel keeps the group - now known as the Canadian Group of seven - in good spirits.

We arrive and Lalibela is as magical as I remember it. Built on a natural 2,600-metre rock terrace and surrounded on all sides by rugged mountains, Lalibela was once the thriving and populous capital city of a medieval dynasty. The passing centuries have reduced it to a small village- a quite refuge for the 11 ancient churches we’ll see tomorrow. We close another incredible day with a fine meal, a cool beer and wonderful company.