When I Die...

Burt Award for Caribbean 2014 winner A-dZiko Simba Gegele recently went on a tour of Antigua and Montserrat as part of the Award's program to promote the winning titles and spread the love of reading amongst Caribbean youth. Below is a journal entry she wrote on the third day of the tour, when she got to talk to young readers in Montserrat about her book All Over Again.

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When I Die...

by A-dZiko Simba Gegele

I started the day with an interview at Montserrat’s premier radio station…ok, actually, Montserrat’s only radio station. A great, relaxed interview will end up being broadcast as a news insert and as a ‘stand alone’ interview. Remembered to promote The Burt Award for Caribbean Literature,  my sponsor – CODE as well as the Alliouagana Festival of the Word, which starts on Thursday – giving myself a gold sticky as I have been known to ramble on and fall right off the topic.

Spent the afternoon at small primary school (two teachers on staff!) in Brades – The Lighthouse Community Academy.

The children, grades 3 to 5, were a delight – they listened attentively, asked a million questions, enthusiastically responded to questions I posed and made the session such a joy.

My favourite comments: ‘Miss, I don’t like that book…I love it!’ and ‘Miss, I’m going to buy that book and, when I die, they going to have to bury it with me.’ Could it get any better than that?

Two schools on the agenda for tomorrow…

Monday, December 1, 2014