Volunteering is a Win-Win Situation

by Véronique de Montigny, CODE volunteer

To mark the end of National Volunteer Week in Canada, we asked one of our dedicated office volunteers, Véronique de Montigny, to write about what being involved with CODE means to her. Véronique is a student at the University of Ottawa and she's been coming in to the CODE headquarters one day a week since November 2012 to help out the Fund Development and Marketing team with various tasks. We are so grateful for Véronique's committment to our mission and for all our volunteers, whether they work at the Ottawa office or out in the field in our partner countries.

I've been volunteering with CODE for the last few years. Originally my intention was to do this for a short while for the experience, to gain skills and connect with the community. Yet now I find myself still at it and it’s been over 3 years. It has surprisingly brought me much more; I was quickly integrated into a dedicated team who shared their vision and work ethics with me.

My responsibilities are mostly administrative but I now appreciate the importance of the work being accomplished here at CODE. Literacy and access to a quality education is something that should be available to everyone yet millions go without. CODE’S work is enabling communities around the world to change and grow through education.

Volunteering in general is a win-win situation; I feel that volunteering provides me with a sense of pride, of community involvement and accomplishment.  I also know the reality that without volunteers CODE and many other organizations similar to them would not survive.  

Friday, April 17, 2015
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