Volunteer Voices: Charlie Temple

"I've met so many great people at CODE gatherings who have been able to share their talents and resources in the service of others. Some are retired officials from the Canadian government or UNESCO. Some are business executives. Some manage not-for-profit organizations. Some have built up nest eggs and want to use their funds to do some good.

Me? I'm just a guy who is fascinated by Africa, loves to teach reading and helping others do it, and enjoys writing children's books and helping others do that, too. I know all of us are grateful to CODE for the chance to use a talent or resource that might contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

Just recently I rode out across the dusty landscape of the Kongwa region in Tanzania with Pilli, Marcus, and Ramadhan from the Children's Book Project. At last we reached the most remote primary school I had ever seen.

As Ramadhan and I huddled in the back of a second grade classroom, we were soon in awe of an energetic teacher who led his students in chanting a lovely chorus. But I had to laugh when Ramadhan translated. It was an ode to CODE! The children were singing and dancing a thank you note to CODE for providing books, supporting their library, and giving their teacher new ideas for ways to teach them.

The gratitude was sincere. CODE really had done wonderful things for this school. And those kids? Lively, smart, energetic, motivated, cheerful. Any of them could be the next Kofi Anan, Wangari Matthai, Julius Nyerere, Nelson Madela.

And all of them can be happy citizens, loving mothers and fathers, peaceful citizens who love learning and value justice. Bring on the books! Keep going, CODE! What a privilege it is to be doing this work with you."

Charles (Charlie) Temple is a professor at Hobart & William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.


Thursday, April 14, 2016