Volunteer Voices: Angela Ward

"Volunteering with CODE as a member of the Reading Kenya team is a life-enhancing challenge for me; all my professional experience has been as an educator, beginning as a primary teacher working with indigenous children, and closing my career as a university professor. Reading Kenya draws on all my academic, professional and personal interests.

As an academic, I am concerned that teachers with whom I work, whatever their backgrounds, are respected and encouraged. CODE always carries out its projects with cultural sensitivity, and builds local capacity in literacy teaching.

As a professional, I choose materials and approaches that incorporate local knowledge.  CODE provides books in the languages spoken by the teachers and children who are in schools served by their projects. In Reading Kenya, we have developed close professional and personal ties with the Kenyan academics on our team.

As a mother and grandmother, I dream of a world where all children have access to written materials, to educated and caring teachers, and to a healthy environment. CODE takes a holistic approach to education and adapts to the physical contexts of schooling. The education of girls is a priority.

I am proud to be a volunteer with Reading Kenya because people within CODE, including volunteers, have high ideals that support literacy for children and teachers in regions where there is a high need for improved access to materials and professional education for teachers. I am grateful for this opportunity to continue my work as a teacher educator, and to interact with enthusiastic Kenyan teachers and students."

Angela Ward is ‎Professor Emerita at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research focuses on language in cross-cultural contexts; indigenous education; education for social justice and teacher education.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016