Sharing Dialogue

This summer CODE held its biannual all-partners workshop in Ottawa Ontario. The workshop was designed to gather all partners together to share their successes and lessons learned, and to share in dialogue about standardizing how we measure the results of our work as individual organizations and as a collective.

Below are some comments from participants:

The partner’s workshop has served two purposes to both my organization and me personally. The interaction with other partners has given us insights of a diversity of initiatives that others are doing in an effort to contribute to the improvement of literacy and quality education in our countries. Particularly, my organization was able to isolate certain areas from partner programs that we believe might compliment and strengthen our own program. The workshop specifically, emphasized on the need for partners to involve stakeholders at all levels such as planning, implementation and monitoring. PAMET has realized the need for this as one way of making sure that the program achieves its objectives.

Secondly, PAMET has learnt that standards are very useful as they can be used to design or re-design programs, monitor  program progress, to articulate roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, to measure individual performance and progress over time and how to use them in reporting. PAMET therefore intends to apply standards in all these areas. This will improve the performance of the program.

The workshop also assisted PAMET in knowing some vital areas that contribute to the success of programs such as a need for proper communication and good financial management. The workshop was worth while!

Moses Binali
Executive Director
Paper Making Education Trust, Malawi


L’atelier a commencé sur un ton exceptionnel marquant la présence des membres des conseils d’administration de l’ensemble des organismes partenaires et des responsables des organismes partenaires.

Après une soirée culturelle et d’information à la bibliothèque Nationale du Canada le début de la session proprement dite s’est focalisé sur le partage des expériences des partenaires dans les domaines divers avec des cheminements semblables en matière d’élaboration et d’application des normes dans les pays respectifs. Cependant, cette expérience démontre que les partenaires ne sont pas tous dans le même environnement institutionnel et ne sont pas au même niveau de compréhension et d’intégration des normes dans les programmes. Je constate toutes fois une évolution positive dans les présentations qui se rapprochent de plus en plus aux thèmes retrouvé.

M. Idrissa Samaké
Directeur exécutif
Association pour la lecture, l’éducation et le développement (ALED), Mali