Seeing is Believing - Sharing the sights

One of our Seeing is Believing tour participants, Stefan Hensel, has kindly taken the time to compile a few photo albums of some special moments captured during our trip.

"This photo essay will, hopefully, reflect the impressions gathered on this trip and the joy that it created for both the visitor and the visited. I hope it also reveals the sincerity of our discussions on how to promote literacy in a country so inaccessible and in need of so many other things as well. Despite having just visited the poorest country and the most polluted cities I have ever been in, I also return aware of having just been to the most beautiful country I have ever seen, greeted by the most hospitable people I have ever met. I brought more back from this trip then I was able to leave behind. With many thanks to all those people who made it happen."-Stefan Hensel

We will compile a number of these photos and create a gallery on the CODE site. In the meantime, Stefan's photo essay can be seen here.

All the best and thank you for all your comments, interest and continued support of CODE's efforts.