Reading Liberia – Field Notes – Day 2 How teachers are tracking project outcomes, the partnerships and opportunities.

Charlie Temple was in Monrovia, Liberia for day two. He worked with teachers to develop and pilot test class monitoring and assessment tools. The purpose of the exercise was to build the capacity of We-CARE Foundation to track and collect data about the project’s performance – how teachers  apply the skills in the classroom and how students learn. We anticipate that with highly trained teachers (in teaching reading skills),  and access to quality locally relevant books, overall standards of reading and comprehension should increase. This should, in turn, contribute to increased learning outcomes in project schools. Charlie explains that:

“…We went to a school this morning and piloted our assessment instrument. We went around to a first grade, second grade, and third grade classroom, collected 5 students from each, and took them to the library. Woryonwon, Mima, and Yvonne tested kids one at a time while Howard kept the rest occupied out in the hall. It took an hour and a half, or 18 minutes per kid--first graders finishing a lot sooner. I think we can edit down the instrument and streamline the administration procedures –but … we want to assess fluency and higher order comprehension…”