Poverty and Books

Today is International Day to Eradicate Poverty. On my way into the office this morning I was thinking about how the books CODE publishes today provide for generations to come. More broadly, literacy provides the tools for a person to find their own way in life -- education is the most cost efficient thing that can be done in the fight against poverty.

Already today I had the honour of thanking a donor for his generous support to CODE - which has gone from a small donation to a four figure gift over the years. He mentioned that a friend of his did a lot of research on literacy back in the 80’s, and had observed that there was very little printed in local languages or script for young readers to choose from, until he saw CODE’s publications.

He said they shone out amongst the other books because they were so well read by the community that the covers were worn and tattered.  This man was convinced that CODE should be the recipient of his donation and has been on his list for decades.

He understands the long term impact of literacy.

Ann Speak,
Director of Fundraising