I know what it’s like to attend school in Africa

By: Willy Rangira, CODE, Senior Program Manager
(Pictured here with his son, Sam.)

I know what it’s like to go to school in Africa. I know what it’s like to squeeze into a desk with 3 other kids as we learn from a teacher who had very little formal training.

I know what it’s like to not have any books in my classroom. The first time I saw a library I was 12 years old and I had to walk 45 minutes to get there. But that library changed my life. My French improved and my view of the world beyond my town expanded.

Today, thanks to my love of reading and the help from international aid organizations I was able to pursue university studies in Canada. I am now a Program Manager at CODE. And with the help of supporters like you, we are working to give kids, just like I was, access to better education and opportunity.

CODE’s programming addresses the very challenges I faced in school by equipping teachers with professional development. Teachers learn to bring literacy to life in their classrooms through good books that you help provide which inspire a passion for reading. 

A child who achieves basic literacy can build a better future not only as an individual but for a family and for a community.

Last year, with your support, we inspired young people in 8 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Canada – over 1.6 million children and youth were impacted directly by CODE’s programs.

I know first-hand the many challenges that prevent students from developing a strong foundation of literacy skills they need in life. I also know that CODE is succeeding at addressing those barriers.

Your contribution will supply books and furniture for libraries and will train teachers to encourage girls to play active roles in class discussions. And with your support, we will continue to publish books that reflect local culture, many written in local languages.

As my wife and I have sent our son to school for the first time this September, I can’t help but think back to my first day of school. Please join me in remembering the children who need our support to help them build a better future simply by learning to read and write.

Your support brings the love of reading to children. In my travels to CODE’s projects, I see the smiles and excitement of the children who are learning to read their first book. You put those smiles on their faces!

Help put books in the hands of all children.

Monday, September 21, 2015
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