Field notes

It is amazing here - so hot and humid that my notebooks are already warping!  I am in Liberia for sure - the smells of fire in the air, the noise, the distorted radio music, people lining the roads, the throngs of people everywhere, small stray dogs and big geckoes, fabulous trees and plants everywhere. 


I had a good day today - working with and getting to know the people in CODE’s new partner organization, Mike and Yvonne Weah.  The day started with a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Education - a warm and very approachable man.  While Mike graciously filled him in, he returned the compliment by telling the story of how they met, as fellow writers.  I had a chance to update him briefly on the next steps we are pursuing with CODE’s new Reading Liberia program - a mentorship initiative to support authors and educators in Liberia - and he was very encouraging and positive. 


Mike told me the WE-CARE story - how it came to be - and what they always have aimed to do and how they managed through 15 years of civil war - feeding peoples' minds he called it - while relief aid fed their bodies.


I saw a great billboard sign today:  Share your ideas - Dont miss out - Go to school!


Ingrid Ermanovics

Program Manager, CODE