An Email from Lucy

Internet access and even electricity are hard to come by in the remote places where CODE works. That’s why we were so delighted to receive this email from a teacher involved in one of our programs in Ghana.

Good morning,

I am Lucy, a teacher in Ghana, an assistant coordinator, and a lead trainer for the Reading Ghana program.

I chose to be a teacher after winning the Best Teacher award at a private school where I taught before going to Teacher Training School. The children were so dear to my heart and I taught them with all passion. Parents, teachers and pupils liked me very much due to how I handle children in classroom, helping them to write using my own style and songs.

I was able to organize the children in church for choreography, drama, bible quiz and teaching those who have problems in some topics in primary education. All of this threw more light on my capabilities, so I chose to go to Teacher Training College to help Ghanaian children at large. Before then, I thought I was to become a nurse, but I realized it was just their uniform that was enticing me.

CODE and the Ghana Book Trust are adding more value to teachers and pupils in Ghana. We can boast of new interactive strategies that have removed boredom and decreased absenteeism in Ghanaian children. It has also helped teachers in our communities to know that there is no such thing as a “dull child” when given equal opportunities.

These strategies help the pupils to interact freely with teachers, preparing them for debate and how to talk in public. It has raised the confidence level of teachers and allows them to be posted to any grade level in primary school and junior high school. Also, the teaching and learning materials which we supply to teachers have improved their way of teaching.

To crown it all, the Teacher Training College has agreed to add these strategies to their syllabus, since they have been part of the training and saw how effective it was.

Long live CODE! Long live the Ghanaian Book Trust!

Thank you.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2016