A Burt in the hand

On Monday August 10th, we awarded the first winners of the Burt Award for African Literature during the opening gala of the Reading for All Conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. All three shortlisted authors were present and the energy was high as story synopsis were read and the prizes were announced. Here are a few photos from the evening:

From left to right: Pilli Dumea, Eliesha Lema and Bill Burt. As part of Bill Burt and family's trip to Tanzania, they had an opportunity to meet with publishers, teachers, students, writers and others who are concerned about reading materials and their use in Tanzania. Eliesha Lema, an experienced publisher of titles in English and Kiswahili, as well as a published writer, was one stakeholder that spent time with Mr. Burt.






From left to right - Bill, radio host from BBC and BBC technician.

The event was covered by radio and television in Tanzania and Canada, including on As it Happens on Canada's CBC.







During the Burt Award gala celebration, Scott Walter, CODE's Executive Director, addressed the attendees with the message that the Burt Award for African Literature will help support the development of a new body of literature for youth to support their acquisiton and retention of English language skills and provide them inspiring and thought-provoking stories.






The Award builds on CODE's commitment and contribution to the development of locally published and appropriate titles, both fictional and informative, to meet the needs and interest of Tanzanian children and youth. Mr. L.D.T Minzi, Pilli Dumea, Scott and Bill.







The Awards couldn't have been possible without the contributions of various players - the jury, CBP, CODE and Bill Burt, represented here by these individuals.







The winning author Mkama Mwijarubi after the gala ceremony sharing a moment with Bill Burt.Juror Dr.Lillian Osaki, who read the synopsis' of the winning titles and announced the names of the winning authors, talking to second place winner, Asungushe B.







KayomboFirst prize winner, Mkama Mwijarubi, speaking to Sam Landon representing the Canadain High Commision.








CBP's booth at the Reading Conference. Teaching and learning materials designed and produced at Mwendepole Primary School in Kibaha District were displayed, generating a lot of interest amongst conference delegates.