To learn more about CODE’s programs, freely browse our annual reports, newsletters, research papers and teacher resources.

Annual Reports

CODE’s annual report, published each fall, includes program results, financial statements and stories from the field.


We’ve curated the best stories and updates for you in our bi-annual newsletters. Thanks to your amazing support these stories have shaped the lives of children around the world.

Research Papers

Reports commissioned by CODE and presented at various international conferences & symposiums.

Teacher Resources

A number of lessons have been created for teachers using Around the World in the Blink of an Eye as a basis for exploring themes such as global art and perspective, the notion of a global community, and an understanding of how access to education may not be the same in different parts of the world.

Publisher Resources

In collaboration with IBB, CODE has created a free online short course for publishers designed to provide an introduction to the process of buying and selling rights to a published work.

When a child can read and write, that child can learn to do, and be, anything.