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The WE-CARE Foundation (WCF) is a Liberian, not-for-profit, educational organization that has, for 17 years, been supporting schools and communities by distributing books and establishing libraries in rural areas.


As Liberia moves forward after years of civil war, the WFC fosters an interest in learning and a love of reading by creating appropriate books for children and supporting teachers to teach reading and writing.


If Liberia is to successfully promote a reading culture and educational success it needs a strong and sustainable publishing industry with the ability to publish and distribute culturally relevant, enjoyable and engaging educational materials that reflect the Liberian ‘voice’ and it needs qualified teachers who can create interactive, learning classrooms where students are able to acquire reading, writing and thinking skills as they prepare to participate in the knowledge-based economy for the rebuilding of the social structures of Liberia.


The CODE/WCF partnership is one of the only sources of locally written children’s books in Liberia and is the only initiative to combine quality books with teacher training. A cross-section of academics, reading professionals and classroom teachers, publishers, authors and child advocates from Liberia and around the world are working to share best practices and develop mentorships between and amongst individuals and institutions.

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