Waiting for the Sun

Adonai is a high school girl who lost her eyes in an accident and no longer sees the point of living. Her life crumbled to pieces after she lost her eyes. Grief, bitterness and apathy engulfed her. Sent - rather banished as she saw it - by her parents to recuperate in the home of an elderly psychiatrist, Dr. Yasin, she resists all hopes of happiness and what life has to offer. Yet the psychiatrist, with the help of his cheerful nephew, helps her gain new perspectives. In a reality that seems to be adamantly against her, she undertakes a journey of courage and love and tries to heal.

Elshadai Tesfaye is an aspiring teenage writer. Born and raised in Addis Ababa, she has been writing short stories and essays since the fifth grade. She loves reading romance and other types of novels. Elshadai hopes to pursue her writing passion and work on her dream of becoming an accomplished author.

Elshadai Tesfaye
Year Won Award: 
Award Place: 
1st Place
Book Type: 
CODE's Burt Award
Burt Award for African Literature