The Wish

Mria is a good student who excels in science and maths. She dreams of skyscrapers and one day becoming an engineer. However, her father has different ideas, he would rather see her become a lawyer, believing that science is not a domain for girls. With the support of her best friend Sipe and teachers at school, Mria finds a way to show her father her talents and importance of following her dreams. 

Mwamgwirani J. Mwakimatu has crafted memorable characters with real-life dilemmas in this touching and entertaining, award-winning novel. Young reads and adults alike will enjoy this tale which shows the importance of following your dreams and believing in yourself. 

Mwamgwirani J. Mwakimatu
Year Won Award: 
Award Place: 
3rd Place
Mkuki Na Nyota
Book Type: 
CODE's Burt Award
Burt Award for African Literature