The Temporary Orphan

This is a suspenseful and heart touching story of betrayal, fear and hope. Kidani is too young to face the challenges of being marreid and therefore escapes from home to avoid the decision her father made. She goes to live with her mother in another village hoping to find peace and acceptance, only to encounter a stepfather's amorous advances. Her stepfather wants to have a sexual relationship with her. She reports the matter to her mother, but meets her wrath, accusations and rejection. One day a terrible fire erupts and consumes their entire house. Kidani miraculously escapes the ordeal. What happened to her mother and stepfather? Who started the fire? How did the mother get saved from the merciless claws of death? Where does Kidani go? Will she be able to escape the hand of the law?

Hussein Tuwa
Year Won Award: 
Award Place: 
2nd Place
Aidan Publishers
Book Type: 
CODE's Burt Award
Burt Award for African Literature