The End of the Tunnel

Adane wondered why his brothers did not pity him. He thought they were unfair. He even believed God was unfair, and, sometimes, he wished he had died. However, when he thought about killing himself, he would be terrified. 'Why do I want to be dead and I am afraid of dying at the same time?' he would ask himself. He would then recall his sheep running away at the sight of a creeping wolf: 'Maybe we all are created to fear death,' he concluded.

Adane's elder brother, Shimelis, had told him that he did not belong to the family. "There lived a slave who was bought a long time ago," Shimelis said. "She gave birth to you, and since she was too poor to raise you, she wrapped you with cow skin, went to the gorge and put you near the river. You were very fortunate that my father found you before you were dead or eaten by a hyena, and he brought you home. That is why you have the darkest skin." That story sometimes crept into his head like a dark cloud.

Born and raised in the countryside, Daniel Getachew portrays an interesting life of a boy in an elaborate picturesque background of rural Ethiopia. The author studied Electrical Engineering in Arba Minch University and pursued his education further at the Netherlands' Eindhoven University of Technology from where he secured a Master's degree. Daniel is currently a lecturer at Wollo University.

Daniel Getachew
Year Won Award: 
Award Place: 
3rd Place
Book Type: 
CODE's Burt Award
Burt Award for African Literature