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Mozambique is a Portuguese-speaking country located on the eastern coast of Africa. Recent successes in Mozambique’s education sector include a dramatic increase in children attending school, with primary school enrolment going from 3.6 million students in 2004 to 5.3 million in 2011 (Government of Mozambique 2012).

Yet in spite of having more children attending school, their academic performance is poor. A 2011 study found that most students in grade 6 have not developed basic literacy and numeracy skills. Without a sufficient understanding of Portuguese, the language of instruction, they struggle to comprehend the content of the curriculum (SACMEQ 2011). A stronger focus on language and literacy is needed to improve students’ ability to succeed.

CODE's History in Mozambique

Progresso logoFor more than 25 years, CODE has been working with our local partner, Associação Progresso, to implement programs targeting primary education in Mozambique. Activities have included the professional development of teachers and providing quality reading materials for children in Portuguese and local languages.

Progresso has helped increase pass rates in the two first years of primary school in two provinces. Consequently, the teaching methodologies introduced by Progresso have been adopted by the national curriculum. Progresso has also been a strong voice in advocating for quality education in Mozambique and has won the UNESCO Literacy Prize twice, most recently in 2015.

About the BETTER Project

BETTER which stands for Better Education through Teacher Training and Empowerment for Results, is intended to improve the quality of education for girls and boys in Mozambique by fostering the quality of teacher education at four of the country’s teacher training institutes. Specific improvements will promote gender equality, student-centered methodologies, literacy and language skills, and the creation of quality teaching materials in local languages and in sufficient quantities.

In 2015, as a testament to the impact of Associação Progresso and CODE’s work, the Government of Canada appointed CODE to undertake the delivery of a seven-year, 18 million-dollar teacher education reform program in Mozambique. BETTER is being implemented, together with Associação Progresso and the Mozambican Ministry of Education and Human Development, in four of the country's 12 provinces.

MORE about the BETTER Project


Country Stats

Capital: Maputo

Population: 25.834 million

Area: 799,380 km2

GDP (per capita): $31.21 billion

Languages: Portuguese is the official language, it is spoken by 11% of the population. Some other languages are Emakhuwa, Xichangana, Cisena, Elomwe, and Echuwabo.

Literacy Rates: 76.7% of Mozambicans above the age of 15 years can read and write

Literacy Rate for Women: 69.7%

Literacy Rate for Men: 83.6%

Out-of-school Rate: 12.4% of school-aged children do not attend school

Where We Work: Cabo Delgado, Tete, Niassa and Maputo

Did you Know?

More than half of children are out of school by grade 5 in Mozambique.

Government action has resulted in the numbers of female teachers almost tripling since 1998 and increasing six fold in grades 6 and 7.

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