Who We Are

If you can read and write, you can learn to do, and be, anything.

That's the idea behind CODE.

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Over 59 years of success

CODE is Canada's leading international development agency uniquely focused on advancing literacy and education in some of the world's regions in greatest need. By acting to establish and ignite engaging learning environments through the development and publishing of locally-authored and designed children books, training teachers and teacher-librarians, resourcing libraries as well as distributing significant numbers of high quality reading materials, CODE focuses on inspiring young minds to improve their literacy and comprehension with the hope that they become critical thinkers and life-long learners, all in working towards nurturing a literate civil society.

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Working Together

Our programs are supported by amazing organizations and individuals around the world.


CODE was built on a partnership model. From our in-country partners to organizations that provide us with guidance in the development and implementation of our programs, we rely on strong partnerships.


We are proud of our entrepreneurial and innovative history, highlighted by the establishment of two affiliate organizations: the CODE Foundation and the International Book Bank.


The generous contributions we receive from institutional partners and thousands of individual Canadians who share our belief in the power and promise of literacy enable us to empower young minds to reach their full potential through education.


Our programs consistently receive the highest grades available for accountability and transparency.

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