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What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?

I want my legacy to inspire future generations to achieve their highest potential and through CODE I know that will be possible.”

Gwynneth Evans

Communication is at the heart of all our relationships. And human beings are fortunate to have many and varied ways to communicate and connect with one another. Communication allows us to tell our stories.

The possibility of fostering relationships and the joy and pleasure of reading have prompted me to leave funds to CODE in my Will.

Having witnessed and taken part in the transfer of knowledge and skills since the late 60s in sub-Saharan Africa, I can speak personally of the transformation of individuals and communities when they are given the opportunity to read and write. I still remember my first weeks of teaching in Uganda and our need to find common ground, in order to learn from one another.

As we attempt collectively to address very urgent questions for our planet and our world, it is important that young people are engaged and recognize that they, too, can make a difference in reaching the goals and plans of future generations. Books and the joy of learning are fundamental to our future. Communication brings us together and stimulates learning and our imaginations.

This LEAVE A LEGACY™ month, I encourage you to think about what you want your legacy to be.

To discuss your legacy gift with CODE, please contact Andrea Helfer at:
613-232-3569 x 232

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