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Join us for another Summit for Literacy in July 2018!

When you join the 2018 Climb for CODE, in addition to scaling Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, you will be helping more than 1 million children a year access quality education and provide them with the chance of becoming literate. What we see as the simple act of being able to read and write is truly transformational when we stop and think about it. It provides us with the ability to learn. It enables us to communicate. It empowers us to advance. It elevates us all.

As a climber for CODE, you will have the chance to explore Tanzania’s spectacular landscape, see its native wildlife in its natural habitat, and experience a truly unforgettable adventure while learning more about the children and teachers that will benefit directly from your efforts.

“I’m a very passionate believer in the power of education as a tool for development. I got to see the kids and how eager they are to learn. You really felt like you were making a huge difference.” – Christopher Bredt, 3-time Kili Conquerer

CODE climbers hiking to Mt Kili

As a climber for CODE you will explore Tanzania’s spectacular landscapes, see its beautiful wildlife and have the unforgettable experience of learning more about the children and teachers who directly benefit from your efforts.

CODE Kili Climb Team with banner and t-shirts

The climb itself is organized by a professional logistics company specializing in African treks and the Kilimanjaro climb. Climbers’ every need is attended to with thought and professionalism.

Summit for Literacy July 2018

If you would like to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please contact:

Manager, Fund Development
1-800-661-2633 x 250

The funds raised through the climb help to put locally published books into the hands of children, many of which have never seen let alone held a book in their hands. Funding helps to train teachers who, they themselves, may have barely finished school. CODE and its partners also work to introduce libraries in both schools as well as communities.

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Group of climbers at summit in 2014
Our climbers celebrate reaching the summit on July 7, 2014.

Kili climb hike
CODE climbers hiking east on the Shira Route.

Kili climb base camp
Shira base camp

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Summit for Literacy Update Day 3Jul 03, 2014Across the Shira Plateau. Let’s start this update with a few numbers... $201,735.73 (and counting!): The amount raised so far by the Kili Conquerers for CODE’s literacy programs in Africa ...read full article...
Summit for Literacy Update Day 1-2Jul 02, 2014First Close Views of the Kilimanjaro Summit As most of us were celebrating Canada Day, our Kili Conquerers started their ascension towards the summit...not without having surpassed their fundraising goal of $200,000! ...read full article...
Climbers Meet with Tanzanian Partner CBP in MoshiJun 30, 2014As they prepare to begin their ascension on July 1st, the team of Kili climbers attended a presentation by Children's Book Project (CBP) Executive Secretary Pill Dumea, who travelled to Moshi to meet with them...read full article...


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