Gifts of Stock

More and more Canadians are supporting CODE by donating publicly traded stocks.

Here's how it works

The difference between the price you paid for the stock and the value of the stock on the day you sell it is called capital gains. If you sell the stock, capital gain is considered income and is therefore taxed at a rate of 50%.

However, if you donate your stock directly to CODE you will pay no tax on the capital gain. You have double the tax savings because you will also be able to claim the charitable tax receipt for the donation.

These tax savings are only realized if the stock is donated directly to CODE rather than donating the proceeds of the sale of the stock.

Everyone's financial situation is different. Please consult with your own financial planner or banker before making a gift of stocks.

For more information, please download How to donate shares to CODE [pdf].

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Please fill out the required information in the form entitled Transfer of Shares then sign and date the form.
  2. Send a copy to your broker where the shares are held with instructions to execute the share transfer. Please note that in order to benefit from the elimination of the tax on capital gains, the shares must be transferred "in-kind" and not cashed.
  3. Please fax a copy of the signed form to our Fund Development Manager at 613-232-7435. We will inform CODE's broker of the transfer. If a fax is not at your disposal, please ask your broker to fax the copy.

Once the shares are received in our account, CODE will issue a charitable tax receipt based on the value of the shares the day they were received.

Please contact our Fund Development Manager at 1-800-661-2633 ext. 250 if you require further information or email

Thank you for considering donating shares to CODE. It's a great way of supporting learning in developing countries and eliminating all tax on the capital gain at the same time.