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Child In Front Of Bright Yellow Wall Looking Through Square Windows
Child In Front Of Bright Yellow Wall Looking Through Square Windows

The demand for quality education requires no encouragement. Children are eager to join in and desperate to learn. Families make sacrifices each and every day to send their children to school in hopes that an education will place them on a path to a brighter future.

Photo by Peter Bregg

Child In Front Of Shelves Full Of Books

Literacy is a foundational building block that makes learning possible – it is the foundation of success. A child who can read and write is given the chance to become a problem solver, a critical thinker, an engaged citizen, a productive worker and a life-long learner.

Photo by Peter Bregg

Young Girl Holding Up Hand In Classroom

CODE wants to ensure that every child, no matter where they live, can learn from well-trained teachers who have the confidence and know-how – and the access to quality, relevant reading materials they need – to deliver the learning outcomes that all children deserve.

Photo by Peter Bregg

Young Child Writing In A Notebook In Class

We imagine a world where every child can read and write – where books are accessible and meaningful to the reader. We imagine a world where every young person can pursue their education and realize their full potential with the support of qualified teachers.

Photo by Peter Bregg

Woman With Crutches And A Boy Reading

Children who can read and write are given a better chance to contribute to the welfare and the health of their families, build civil society and give back to their communities. By learning to read and write, children can succeed not only in school but throughout their lives.
Photo by Peter Bregg


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