Context Matters Research Grant

Initial Call for Submissions

This is an initial call for what will become a sustained annual program of support for an African Research Agenda in Language and Literacy. As part of this initial call the Canadian NGO CODE will offer up to 5 research grants (maximum CAN $10,000 each) to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and salience of K-12 education programming, including related pre-service teacher education, in Africa.


CODE seeks to foster the development of student readers who question and interact with text and student writers who thoughtfully produce text including digital text. We are interested in both individual literacy growth and the development among communities of learners that awakens an interest in social change. This round of funding targets the intersection of gender as a social construct and the discourse of power. Funded researchers must encourage participants to engage actively in data collection, analysis, interpretation of findings, and subsequent recommendations. Priority will be given to proposals that clearly demonstrate how participants will engage actively in data collection. We also encourage applicants to include reference to how the proposal will address rural or urban disparities.


  1. Establishing an African Research Agenda in Language and Literacy [PDF]
  2. CODE's Context Matters Application Form [Word]


Application deadline:
May 21, 2018