You can have twice the impact in Liberia


Between now and October 20th you can have twice the impact on CODE’s literacy and education programming in Liberia!




Liberia - an English-speaking country in West Africa – and a country you don’t hear much about. Did you know that Liberia ranks 177 out of 188 on the 2016 Human Development Index and only 56 percent of primary schools teachers are trained to teach? Did you know that gross enrollment in primary school is 96 percent but drops to 38 percent when we look at secondary schools?

CODE and the WE-CARE Foundation are working together to change the future for Liberians, and today you can have double the impact with your gift to CODE.

CODE’s program in Liberia provides:

  • Professional development and training support for teachers.
  • High-quality, locally produced books for children, which reflect their reality.
  • Programming designed specifically for girls that support over-aged students to prevent dropping out and facilitate promotion to the appropriate grade level.

With only 47.6 percent of the adult population able to read, keeping children in school longer must be a priority. Donate today and know that you are making double the difference for children who are the future of Liberia.

Together, we will (over 5 years):

  • Nurture literate environments in 60 primary schools and libraries (grades 1-6 in 5 districts)
  • Directly impact over 25,000 Liberian children
  • Upgrade 600 teachers and principals’ qualifications in the teaching of reading and writing
  • Produce up to 24 new, high-quality book titles to support the national curriculum