Willy Rangira

Willy Rangira
Willy is pictured holding My Unusual Hen which is part of CODE's Reading Ghana big book collection.

Meet Willy,
Senior Program Manager - Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone


Willy is from Kigali, Rwanda and joined CODE in 2003 – making him an official “old-timer”!

Willy oversees the planning and implementation of our projects in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Willy originally trained as a physicians’ assistant in Rwanda, where he eventually taught nursing for two years. After spending time in a refugee camp, he decided that he would like to do something else with his life. A natural healer, Willy wanted to somehow stop fixing injuries and start “healing the world”.   He wanted to help shape the behaviour of people so that they could think more critically, develop perspective, understanding of and empathy for others.  “You don’t see many people who are well-read and educated picking up a machete and engaging in mob behaviour”. Once in Canada, Willy obtained a BA in International Relations from UBC and was able to pursue his goal of working to effect positive change when he joined CODE.

Willy has been an avid reader since boy-hood and recalls fondly discovering his first library in Kigali when he was 12. He loved being surrounded by the wall upon wall of books, graphic novels and science publications and spent much of his time holed up at the local library. To this day, his favorite thing about working at CODE is his involvement with community libraries. He rejoices in seeing once barren shelves stalked with colourful mother-tongue children’s books –made available because of the efforts of teachers and parents who believe that a child who reads will go farther in life.

Willy’s favorite childhood book was an anthology of Rwandan fables, and a book which made an important impact on him was the classic - Le Comte de Monte Christo by Alexandre Dumas.

In his free time, Willy enjoys meditating and cycling.

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