William Burt

Bill BurtWilliam "Bill" Burt was a commodities broker until his retirement 20 years ago in his early forties. He still reads the newspapers carefully and pays attention to the markets. Fortunately for CODE and the cause of African literacy, he got interested in energy stocks and the price of oil several years ago and since then his investments have done quite well.

At the time of his CODE sponsored trip Seeing is Believing to Ethiopia in November 2007, he was already starting to think about how to give something back in a significant way.

Mr. Burt has two grown sons. When not travelling he and his wife Judy divide their time between homes in Toronto, Midland, and his favourite place, a farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Mr. Burt has been in 41 countries, but Ethiopia was his first trip to Sub-Saharan Africa. In August 2009, He, along with Judy and two other family members, travelled to Tanzania to hand out the first prizes of the Burt Award for African Literature.

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Bill Burt speaking at CODE's AGM in Ottawa 2011
Bill Burt speaking to the Board of Directors and guests in attendance at CODE's Annual General Meeting in Ottawa, June 2011.