By 2016, more than


will be trained by CODE in effective teaching strategies.

By 2016, over


will be stocking the shelves of 240 new reading corners and 5 libraries.

By 2016

locally published titles

will be printed and distributed to schools and community libraries.


Capacity Building for Stakeholders in the Textbook and Book Publishing Trades in Mali (PAGE) aims to improve the quality and availability of textbooks. Working with Agriteam and C2D, PAGE works with private publishers. The project also aims to strengthen the public-private partnership in textbook procurement. CODE provides technical assistance to authors, publishers and other stakeholders (editors, literary editors, illustrators, graphic artists, booksellers, distributors).

Country Stats

Capital: Bamako

Population: 14.5 million

Area: 1,240,192 km2

Where We Work: Ségou and Sikasso regions in the southern portion of Mali

Did you Know?

In 2013, the average girl’s formal education would end after only 7.5 years.

Photos From the Field

Our work takes us around the globe and close to home. We love to share photos of the faces and places where your contributions are making a real difference.