Our Affiliates

We are proud of our entrepreneurial and innovative history, highlighted by the establishment of two affiliate organizations: the CODE Foundation and the International Book Bank.

The CODE Foundation, established in 1992, is an endowment fund that manages and invests bequests and other planned gifts. The CODE Foundation donates its investment income annually to CODE.

CODE Foundation logo

The CODE Foundation Board of Directors:

  • Chair - John Bai, Toronto, ON
  • Christopher D. Bredt, Toronto, ON
  • John Casey, Toronto, ON
  • Cathy Carlin, Toronto, ON
  • Chris Nobes, Toronto, ON
  • Dean Colling, Toronto, ON
  • Raymond Halley, Toronto, ON
  • CODE Executive Director/ Ex-officio - Scott Walter, Ottawa, ON

CODE Foundation Audited Financial Statements (pdf):

IBB logo

The International Book Bank (IBB) works with non-profit literacy programs in the developing world to supply them with high-quality new books and educational materials. CODE's partners overseas select titles they wish to receive from IBB's database.

This successful family of affiliates strengthens our ability to deliver quality education programming by increasing our financial sustainability as well as effectively supporting our long term overseas partnerships. To learn more about our history, please visit Our Story.

CODE is an active member of:

The Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium promotes and implements critical thinking across the educational spectrum around the world. Its key objective is to set and maintain a standard of excellence in the professional development of educators by cultivating an ethos of lifelong learning and global collegial dialog.


The Canadian Global Campaign for Education (CGCE) is a coalition of civil society organizations working to enhance Canada’s contribution to meeting the Education for All goals.  The coalition includes international development NGOs, research institutes, advocacy groups, faculties of education and teachers union. CGCE represents diverse constituencies from across the country but speaks with one voice to call on Canada and other governments to provide quality education for the millions of children, youth, and adults who cannot access this basic human right. CGCE is a member of the Global Campaign for Education, an international movement with affiliates in 120 countries that are advocating for Education for All.