Reading Kenya Teacher Certification

CODE and its partner in Kenya - the National Book Development Council of Kenya (NBDCK) have been very busy lately. On Friday, September 16th they awarded Reading Kenya child-centred training certificates to a second cohort of 9 trainers and 150 teachers.

Reading Kenya teachers attending certification

Above: Susan, Michael, and Moses in discussion of professional literature during Professional Book Club — a daily activity during training of both trainers and teachers.

men cutting the cake

County Director for the Teacher Services Commission (TSC), Daniel Cherutoi attended the ceremony along with author, critic and poet Dr. Chris Wanjala, and NBDCK’s CEO Ruth Odondi. Dr. Wanjala and Mr. Cherutoi had the honour in cutting the cake to celebrate with the newly certified teachers. Mr. Cherutoi also expressed strong enthusiasm for Reading Kenya and promised his support for the program.

Reading Kenya seven new Maa books

The launch of the seven new Maa storybooks was also a highlight of the week. It is a huge accomplishment and will be significant to the libraries when they are distributed. It makes a strong statement to the communities as well as to the children and teachers to have the locally written texts. Below, is the proud author of one of the seven titles published in Maa. The Maa languages are spoken in parts of Kenya and Tanzania by more than a million people.

Author of one of the seven titles published in MaaAccording to CODE’s volunteer expert trainer on the project, Dr. Pamela Winsor - "The teachers and trainers expressed sincere appreciation. I honestly think the majority went home motivated to do differently in their schools!"

Later during the same week, CODE’s own Program Manager, Leigh Eagles participated in the Nairobi International Book Fair annual Book Week March and last Friday Sept 23rd, the Burt Award for African Literature - Kenya awarded three authors with prizes.

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Monday, September 26, 2016
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