CODE Celebrates Volunteering

Volunteers have been an integral part of our success since the very beginnings of CODE in 1959. Today, our corps of international volunteers, recognized leaders in fields such as literacy, teacher education, and publishing, participate in many aspects of our programs, including the evaluation of programs and the high-impact professional development that is offered to educators, writers, illustrators, librarians and publishers in the developing countries where we work. Without their help, CODE could not be successful.

At the CODE offices in Ottawa, volunteers also play a key role. Ranging from helping with correspondence with donors to building photo archives, their valuable contribution is worth celebrating. Some Ottawa-based volunteers, such as Peggy Chivers-Wilson, having been supporting CODE for well-over a decade.

Peggy Chivers-WilsonPeggy first came to CODE looking to make a special contribution to helping children to learn to read and write. Eighteen years later, she still spends about one day a week at the CODE House putting donor packages together, and she's not planning on stopping any time soon. "I feel like it's part of my journey to work at CODE," she says.

A reader herself, she appreciates the importance for all children to learn to read and write, "so they can be more self-sufficient."

In addition to donating her time on a regular basis, Peggy Chivers-Wilson, an artist and art teacher, has also gifted some of her paintings to be auctioned off at the Read Africa Ball, and has traveled to Toronto for the last three editions of the event.

Her favourite thing about working for CODE?

"The smiles."
"There is a warm feeling in the air," she says.
"You can feel it when you walk in."

To Peggy and all the other volunteers who have contributed to changing the lives of millions of children in developing countries through CODE's work, we would like to express our most sincere appreciation. On this special day, CODE celebrates your dedication to supporting literacy and learning.

Monday, December 5, 2016
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