Heloisa Modesto

Heloisa Modesto
Heloisa is holding CODE's 2011 Burt Award for African Literature winner The Kaya Girl written by Martina Mamle Wolo Odonkor.

Meet Heloisa,
Programme Manager and Gender Specialist


Heloisa is from São Pedro, Brazil and originally started at CODE in 2001. As Program Manager for Mozambique, she manages the implementation of bilateral projects to improve primary teacher education in that country.  This involves liaising with CODE’s country partner in Mozambique, Associação Progresso, researching best practices in teacher education and identifying international education specialists who can help support the integration of CODE’s BETTER program there. As CODE’s resident gender specialist, Heloisa also ensures that every CODE initiative promotes gender equality.

Heloisa’s formal education includes a degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Masters in Human Ecology with a focus on Gender but she credits her parents for much of her knowledge. Her father was a prominent public leader and administrator and her mother is a school principal in Brazil. That made for many discussions about policies and approaches to education and also instilled in Heloisa a true passion for formal and informal education.

Heloisa also salutes her primary school teacher in Brazil Dona Luzia for fostering a love of learning in her. She loves the acclaimed Mozambican Mia Couto books but her all-time favorite is Gafanhotos em Taquarapoca by Roberto Marins. Heloisa grew up in a rural setting by the family`s farm and could relate to the children in the book who shared experiences similar to hers.

When not at CODE, Heloisa keeps busy with her two boys and enjoys cycling, gardening, cooking and cross-country skiing.

“Ser feliz sem motivo é a mais autêntica forma de felicidade.” (Be happy without a reason is the most authentic form of happiness.)
- Carlos Drummond de Andrade