Ghana Match Challenge 2018

You can have twice the impact in Ghana between February 21st and March 9th

CODE and the Ghana Book Trust are working together to change the future for Ghanaians, and today you can have double the impact with your gift to CODE.

CODE’s program in Ghana aims:

  • to increase educators' ability to apply reading promotion and instruction strategies in their classrooms; and
  • to increase access to culturally relevant and engaging reading materials for children in primary schools.

Ghana students waving

Donate today and know that you are making twice the resources available to eager, young students who are the future of Ghana.

Together, we will:

  • Train 32 head teachers and 100 teachers
  • Train 32 teacher librarians
  • Benefit 6,400 students in classes 4-6 and forms 7-9
  • Purchase a collection of books for each participating school

Ghana teacher in front of class

Until March 9th, have twice the impact in Ghana!​

More about CODE in Ghana

2x the impact!

Your gifts matched up to $100,000 by Ghana partner Asanko Gold!