Calling all Superheroes!

Do you recognize a superhero when you see one?

Calling all Superheroes!I bet you do. And while some can be identified by their flashy capes or cool utility belts, the greatest heroes in the world aren’t in any book.

But at some point in your life, they’ve probably placed a book in your hands.

True heroes are everyday people, like you, who believe in the promise of education to transform lives.

Every year, the gift of literacy is celebrated on International Literacy Day on September 8th. It is a day to be grateful for the heroes in our own lives who inspired us to learn. It is also a day to remember that every child deserves to be inspired – by good books, great teachers, and people like you who believe in their future.

Today, join us in celebrating the gift of literacy by making a special gift to CODE.

Your donation in honour of those who inspired you to learn will ensure that someone has the chance get an education and share the love of learning with our next generation of heroes.