We've arrived!

It’s great to be here again and amongst Ethiopian friends. We all arrived safely, and without a hitch on Saturday night. We’re just starting to get our feet wet, but the memorable moments are already flooding in…

“What's stayed with me today is the depth of passion I have seen in everyone we’ve been fortunate enough to meet. The depth of joy in the children playing, the depth of dedication and commitment to CODE Ethiopia in those we met tonight, the depth of earnestness in those speaking to us in our language trying to help us in our travels. It is the heartfelt emotion and passion that I will remember whenever I think of my first day in Ethiopia.”
- Adele Kaminski

“After 30 hours of flying and waiting in airports, my first impression of Ethiopia was the beautiful features of the Ethiopian people. What a handsome people! Those in traditional dress were outstanding. The culture and history of Ethiopia is about to unfold.”
- Margaret Casey
“The best part of today was the visit to the palace at Mount Entoto - as we came back from the palace and made our way up to the church, we heard a group of 12 children singing a traditional song. ...a few girls played a drum and everyone else was clapping and singing. The small room amplified the sound and sent it out through the narrow door. After they finished they invited me in and started a second song. Great sound, beautiful children and a special moment. "
- Ray Doiron