Rooms full of children

Yesterday was a travel day with an early morning visit to the local Lalibela primary school. At the school we distributed two big boxes of pencils. The visit was moving as the children performed a song a dance. We’ve seen a lot of school children during these past 10 days. The joy we’ve encountered in every room full of children, who have so little to enhance their learning experience, seems to leave us all a little emotionally drained as we revisit over and over again how much we take for granted. This vignette is sometimes overwhelming but is also the driving force behind our certainty that there are wonderful things ahead for this nation of hard-working, sincere and concerned people.

We leave Lalibela wanting more and feast on the scene below the aircraft – mountains, farms and beautiful Lake Tana.

Back in Addis Ababa and our trip is winding down. It’s hard to believe how quickly these days have passed. This morning we spent some time talking to the Executive Director of CODE Ethiopia, Tesfaye Dubale. We shared a lot of observations, reliving moments and reflections we’ve had during the past 10 days.

This afternoon we’ll spend some time shopping and soaking in a little more of this busy city before sharing our last meal together tonight. Over the course of the week we've come to know each other and really appreciate each others’ thoughtful observations and different perspectives. We've agree to share our photos and meet again soon for a meal back home.