Gord Pronk in Liberia- Challenges and Solutions

We just finished day 2 and we are winding down on the balcony.  Kathy has a lot of writing to review. I will explain a couple of challenges and start a discussion about the solution. I guess I have already come up with a solution for the first challenge. Challenge 1: We went art-supply shopping after the workshop today. Real art supplies are practically nonexistent in Monrovia. There are art kits for the hobbyist, but the tubes of paint are tiny and the kit contains all this stuff we don’t need.  The artists in the workshop are generally having art supplies brought in from the US by family and friends who are traveling.  This is going to be a major challenge. Because each artist is going to paint roughly 15 pieces, and some of the pieces need to be quite large, we need lots of materials. We need large sizes of water color paper for water colors (Chase), and large canvas pads for most of the others who will work in Acrylics. We ideally need the 19 x 24 inch size. This art needs to be created at “half up” (150%) or “quarter u”p (125%). Our double page spreads are  9  x 16 inches, so half-up would be  13 1/2 x 24 inches. We have come up with a solution. We have found a good quality poster paper in an office supply store. Chase will use it as-is for his water color work and we will prime this paper with house paint for the acrylic artist. We will get pints or quarts or possibly even gallons of house paint tomorrow in a selection of colors for the acrylic artist. I bought 3 sets of artist acrylics today to supplement the house paint with some more intense colors. They are tiny tubes that won’t go far. We will be resourceful and do what is necessary to make this happen. We are so spoiled in North America. I brought 100 sheets of tracing paper with me, but we will use them up tomorrow. One of the artist knew where we could get more. So it seems we are able to find solutions and move forward. Challenge 2: Another challenge we have is the scanning. We will need low quality scans of this artwork for communication with Canada and then there is the problem of the final high-quality scan that will be needed to create the final files for the printer. The artists are creating their final drawings at the large half and quarter up sizes. In order for us to comment on, and approve these drawing we will either need to scan them in many pieces that will be reassembled in Toronto, or we will use digital photographs. The digital photos could have distortion if they are done incorrectly. So we will muddle through with one of these solutions, but we will need to solve the problem of the final scans. I am in favor of shipping the artwork to Toronto, so that we can scan it, unless we can find a good quality large scanner in Monrovia or  possibly at the printers that we will be using. Challenge 3: The schedule is another problem. I realize there is some urgency about getting these first four books finished, but this may be a problem. I will have a better idea at the end of the week. I can see that at least one of the artists will be streaking ahead and moving quickly through his book. Each artist is producing 15 significant pieces of art. Some of them may need to paint some of them more than once. I just want to give-a heads up to everyone so that we can discuss the trade off between schedule and quality. We are now working well together and there is some good energy in the room. All the artists are very enthusiastic and hungry for knowledge. Some of them are quite talented. It is a very rewarding experience. The Exit Cards choke me up. Here are a couple of my Exit Cards from today: *   I am greatly getting an impact of which I was lacking: that is the instruction given by Mr. Gord, directs me to a whole lot of hidden secrets in illustration. I praise God for Mr. Gord and wish him well in his endeavor *   I feel so great about today workshop I pray it will continue like this tomorrow. *   This work is one of my greatest experience in all my years as an illustrator, I am looking forward to learning how to use the computer (Wacom) the latest use. I’m looking forward to establishing a full partnership. *   I’m very happy to see myself in this workshop because I am gaining enough of knowledge and experience. *   As for me I feel very good about the workshop. Its makes me to meet some good people.